Shadows of Bal-Shanaar

Hammerfell Company Adds A Hammer To Its Ranks (A CHALLENGER APPEARS)

Managing to return to Vargheim, the party (Hammerfell Company, as they have become known) mourns the loss of their comrade while recovering their strength, nearly ready to set out once more on their quest

While the party mourned the loss of a treasured ally and friend, an old enemy lurked nearby. As Murphy was lowered into the earth, Lars and Carric caught sight of a hooded figure lurking near the burial site. As he broke into a run, the two party members sprinted off in hot pursuit, trailing the shrouded figure through the busy streets of Vargheim. Finally catching the surprisingly fast intruder, Carric tore the hood from his head, revealing the lurker to be none other than Herg, the man who killed Lars’ father.

While normally, Lars might take his just vengeance right there, the emaciated figure of Herg showed all the symptoms of wild magic infection. Herg’s affliction left the party at a loss for what to do with him. The opportunity to study a living specimen was difficult to pass up, but Lars deserved true justice for his loss; the party was unavoidably torn. Instead of simply killing him on the spot, the party decided to turn him in to the Vargheim guard and let them decide his fate. After he confessed to the murder of Lars’ father, he was promptly sentenced to hang the next morning. When the nature of his affliction was revealed, the guards opined that they might not want to wait until the next day. Carric was only too happy to oblige them, driving the dagger he earned with his new friends deep into Herg’s gut.

The infected man clutched at the dagger, his eyes glazing over white until his body burst with overflowing magical energy, flattening the party, who was clustered around him. Nothing remained of the man, save the crater he had created and an unnatural wisp of blue-green smoke rising into the sky.

Picking themselves up off the ground, Hammerfell Company headed back to the local shrine of Pelor to discuss their remaining business with the shrine’s head priest. Confirming their growing reputation as a company that saw their jobs to the end, they informed the priest that they were heading back to the desecrated monastery to cleanse the grounds of the ruin-touched gnoll that claimed Murphy’s life.

On the road to the monastery the company encountered another familiar enemy. While approaching a frozen creek the column caught sight of an Eladrin woman standing on the icy surface of the water. Brill, ever the hapless gentleman, called out to the woman to identify herself, which she promptly did by blasting him with a freezing bolt of energy, rooting him to the ground…

More to follow…



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