adrik ironhelm.
level 6 / dwarf / beast-mastery ranger / worshipper of melora

ability scores.
str. 18 (+4)
con. 16 (+3)
dex. 10 (+0)
int. 10 (+0)
wis. 17 (+0)
cha. 8 (-1)

passive insight. 16
passive perception. 21

hp. 58
bloodied. 29
surge value. 14
surges/day. 9

ac. 19
fort. 18
ref. 14
will. 16

magic mordenkrad +2.
+11 vs ac – 1d12+8
distance throwing hammer +1.
+10 vs ac – 1d6+7 (10/20)


physical description.
Morgran Ironhelm is huge. Well. He’s huge as far as Dwarves go. Just shy of five feet tall and 240 pounds, this stout hunter is an imposing sight. The shock of bright red hair on his head is wild and unkempt. His beard is tied in a thick, simple braid held with a bronze clasp at waist height. Scars crisscross the exposed parts of his dusky, grayish skin. On his left shoulder, he has a now-faded tattoo of Melora’s whirlpool symbol. Around his neck he wears a necklace of various teeth, and has bracelets of simple leather and fur around his wrists and around his right bicep. His armor is made from the hide of a white wolf; its large head hangs over his when the hood is up. He wears a large belt at his waist with various sized pouches clasped to it. In these pouches he carries what appear to be fetish trophies.

His weapon is a beautiful stone cut hammer with a sharp, spear point at the bottom of the handle. The leather-wrapped handle features a simple geometric pattern. The hand-cut stone at the top shows a geometric rendering of a dwarven face on the side while the seal of Melora decorates the smashing ends.

Early on in life, Morgran knew he wasn’t like other Dwarven children. He constantly was off exploring woods and shirking responsibilities. At a relatively young age, upon hearing of his cousin, Morgrim, making the decision to leave, he took his chance and went with him. After they made their way south, the two decided to split. Adrik wandered through the woods for days, not really going in any particular direction, enjoying his freedom. One night, camping under the stars; an attack by a feral gnoll would have ended his life, were it not for a gray wolf mysteriously leaping to his rescue. The two fended the bear off, but the wolf was injured. Adrik tended to her wounds, thankful to be alive. He believes the wolf to be a savior sent from Melora herself, and the two are inseparable. The wolf’s name is Yunulf, named after the Lady of the Wolves from an old story. From that day, Morgran’s became highly spiritual, knowing it is his destiny to cleanse the world, hunting the unnatural inhabitants of her domain.


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