A ferocious elven fighter searching for a place in the world.


Elf Fighter/Ranger

Level 6

Str – 18 Con – 10 Dex – 16 Int – 10 Wis – 16 Cha – 8

Trained Skills

Athletics Endurance Heal Perception


Warrior of the Wild – Perception Weapon Proficiency – Fullblade Power Attack Weapon Focus – Heavy Blades


+1 Lightning Fullblade +1 Blue Dragonhide Armor (Resist 5 Lightning) +1 Amulet of Protection Ironhide Belt


Carric is a member of a very small community of elves in Anatar who seek a peace with the humans in nearby lands. When his sect was discovered by members of his village he was cast out, to live alone amongst the humans.

Wandering from hamlet to hamlet, always unwelcome, Carric finally found some work guarding a caravan from Vaerhaven to Spann. Unfortunately, the column was overrun by Kobolds and he was captured along with the other guards. Awaiting his death, and perhaps consumption, at the hands of Kobolds, he was rescued by Hammerfell Company and has found a home amongst their motley ranks.


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