The Gods

Below is a handful of the major gods worshiped in the central region of Aritae in addition to those presented in the Player’s Handbook. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but instead a small selection of gods who either have influential cults (such as Khalesh) or are worshiped by a wide variety of people to varying degrees (as Volar is.)

Thuvann: Thuvann is said to be a stern god of wisdom and judgment. His domains include fatherhood, law, the sky, and prophecy.. In some creation myths, Thuvann is named as the father of the gods. He is often associated with eagles; people claim that eagles are Thuvann’s watchers in the mortal realm, and through their eyes he observes and judges that which transpires far below. Thuvann’s colors are whites and shades of grey found in the clouds above.

Volar: Volar is a god of luck, nature, protection, swiftness and secrets. Said to take the guise of many small woodland creatures such as foxes, squirrels and weasels, Volar offers helpful advice to travelers in the wilderness, or curses those who disrespect nature with bad luck. Many people leave small offerings of fruit and nuts outside their homes to feed the local squirrels and other animals, hoping that Volar will look favorably upon them for doing so. Volar’s colors typically include earth-tones and greens.

Khalesh: Khalesh is worshiped far and wide as a deity of wealth and trade. Khalesh is said to smile upon merchants and moneylenders, and indeed financiers in many cities double as priests of Khalesh. The cult of Khalesh can be found in most towns and cities across Aritae, acting as a neutral party during negotiations and the like. Khalesh himself is often described as a venerable man dressed in the finest silks, who roams between the planes with his caravan of exotic goods, stopping once in a great many years to bless a city with prosperity and commerce. Khalesh’s colors are gold and black.

Borgoff: A powerful god of battle and bravado, Borgoff is worshiped by warrior cults. Embodied in the symbol of a great bear, Borgoff despises cowardice and is obsessed with glory, and the same goes for his worshipers. This boastful god enjoys strong favor with the icy kingdoms of the far north.. Borgoff is also said to be a god of winter, a swirling blizzard personified, who watches every battle unfolding on the earth from a huge tower in the heavens, rewarding those who show courage in battle.

The Gods

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